Street Photography

This is a collection of photographs made while exploring the street predominately around Los Angeles. 

The Dresser

Practicing in the Meantime

End of the Day, Part III


Those Eyes


Sisters in Hermosa Beach



A Tender Moment

Puppy Rumble

Dog Walking

Peace Amongst Symbols of War

Birds on the Wire - Venice

The Night is Still Young

Scenes From a Restaurant - Tokyo

On a Walk

Puppy Love

Woman Reading a Book

Girl at a Protest

Memories of My Youth

Girl in the Flower District

Waiting Part I

Waiting Part II

Breaking Through the Fog

LA Pride - Love is Love is Love

Puddle Pup

A Pile of Puppies

Jump I

Jump II

Woman Walking

The Way We Move

I Love to Ride My Bicycle

We Learn So Much


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Those Eyes