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Everyone Loves Luciano

(and Luciano Loves Everyone)


I adopted Luciano from the Atlanta Humane Society in March 2012.  He was an 8 week old puppy, my first dog as an adult, and he quickly became one of my best friends. 

Luciano and I have gone on endless amounts of adventures together - romping around the forests, the beaches and the mountains of Georgia, Florida and now Southern California.  

Everywhere I go people stop me and give Luciano kisses, hugs and often tell me stories of their animals.  Luciano has brought many a smile to people who meet him.  And I am his number one fan.  

This project is aimed at helping promote healthy and safe adoption of animals rather than purchasing from a breeder.  It is also meant to bring a smile to those who haven't met Luciano yet and to document the times that I have been brave enough to take photos of people who love Luciano. 

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