Fear of Dreaming

The Fear of Dreaming is a collaboration project with fellow photographer, Sasha Dylan Bell.

As an artist, I have a need to create, to express myself.  Yet the fear of failure, the fear of exposing my true self and the fear of dreaming bigger than I could even imagine is a constant struggle.  

This collaborative project, "Fear of Dreaming" looks at those fears through photography and performance art. Addressing the fear of dreaming helped me and those involved with the project move from fear to light- to movement- to artistic realization. 

*All images on this page are subject to copyright @sarahmarierooney.


To see the full collaboration please go to www.fearofdreaming.com 

Books, fine art and poster prints can be purchased through the website or email me at sarah@sarahmarierooney.com 

Fear is Everywhere

Do Not Go Gently


The Imprint of Fear


A Daily Struggle

Light Within My Grasp

Escaping the Past

Rise with Grace

Like a Bird


My Mirror of Fear


Flying or Falling

Inside My Head

Like a Phoenix


The Whimsy of Light

Through the Haze

Fear Uncovered

Holding on to Fear

End or the Beginning

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